Will WSDOT Accept ESRI 'Census' data?


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On the third video, ESRI 'Census' data is added to the map. One needs to look at the data description to see ESRI uses the 2010 Census geographies with their own demographic data. It is not actually Census data.

I am concerned that our Transportation Planners will use this data and then have their plan rejected by WSDOT because the data is not official Census data. Can you guys check with MPO and RTPO program managers?

This might be used as a good example on how to check data information and decide if it is the right data to use.


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    It is my understanding that WSDOT will not have any problems with this data and your plans should not be rejected. The ESRI Census data is very good source for general data. However, if you need official census data; we suggest that you go directly to the US Census Bureau and obtain the information needed for your plan.

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